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This former Marine and entrepreneur had a long successful career before facing a bankruptcy in 1997. Starting with nothing, he entered into the chaotic, unknown world of trading the markets pre-electronic trading. With nothing but rote, mediocre trading books and hotel conferences, he set out on a path to educate himself on trading the markets. Literally, going to hotel seminars from sea to shining sea, with no one to guide him, he was determined to figure out this new found passion.
During Tracy’s 20 years of trading, he saw an obvious need for what he lacked when he was learning how to trade. Throughout his business career, mentors were a key part of his success. After traveling extensively while teaching, he was continually approached by individuals for his mentoring expertise. As a result, he formed CommonCents Trading Institute, which not only teaches people how to trade but also provides mentoring along the path to becoming a successful trader. Trading the markets is not something you’re going to learn in a week or a month or without someone showing you the ropes along the way. His no nonsense approach of the reality of the markets vs the fantasy of outlandish returns that has been propagated in the Forex markets has been eye-opening to neophytes as well as experienced traders. HIs trend-following, swing-trading, low risk, high probability style of trading the markets has been embraced by the gun-slinging day-traders and scalpers who have been looking for a more reliable return, as well as those with no knowledge of the markets looking for ways to build wealth.