Testimony from:
P. Mitchell

My trading is going well thanks to you. I have been swing trading by the rules that you gave us in class 2 weeks ago and since your class, my account balance is up 9.54%!

Testimony from:
J. Johnson

I feel like our class won the instructor jackpot! I was hanging onto your every word and really appreciated your patience answering my elementary questions. Thank you for your excellent teaching of in-depth tips for trading currencies sprinkled generously with personal stories and humor! I feel ready to start working my trading plan and can't thank you enough!

Testimony from:
B. Fraser

Thank you so much for your support and a great class! You bring credibility to the training. As an instructor for the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) this quality is most important.

Testimony from:
V. Budkevich

Thank you so much for the best educational experience I've had since elementary school! I've graduated from 2 universities and received an MBA degree but all that seems useless compared to the valuable knowledge you generously shared with us this last week. Thank you!

Testimony from:

You are an excellent instructor. I've learned a lot and especially your focus on risk management has reinforced my focus on it as well. Your availability during the class and after the class for trade reviews and clearing up concepts has been exceptional. I have seen very few teachers who have gone this extra mile to help their students.
Your story about life is inspirational, thanks for sharing it. I liked your principles around honesty, directness and openness as well as helping others and maintaining your reputation despite tough times. Your experiences will always inspire me.

Testimony from:
K. Brock

Thank you for the wonderful class this week. You have made me realize that I'm in the right place for me to be successful. You cleared up some misgivings I was starting to have about trading Forex by getting rid of the mumbo jumbo that was clogging my mind. Thank you for keeping it simple.

Testimony from:
J. Garcia

Just writing to let you know I'm following the details of my trade plan and the action plan you gave us in class. So as of this email, 4 trades were executed from Monday thru Thursday, 3 ups and 1 down. 2 of them were 3:1 and the other was 2:1. The unprofitable trade was 0.10% so no big issues. So I'm up .70%. Good stuff!
I know I'm very good on the theory and want no distractions - just your mentorship! Thanks and I'll keep in touch!

Testimony from:
S. Andersen

First of all, I cannot get over your story... WOW...
Second, I really enjoyed your class - you are the best - I just know that I can overcome my problems by following your Action Plan. It will give me the confidence I need.

Testimony from:
K. O'Connell

When are you coming back this way? We are going to be your groupies!!! Your relaxed, personable, funny and chocked full of knowledge style is an AWESOME & RARE EXPERIENCE. I truly was blessed to be in your class. I had taken Forex before, but nowhere near as proficient & comprehensive as your class.

Testimony from:
D. Rivera

Once again I cannot express how much I enjoyed your class and how much I learned from you!

Testimony from:
I. Ruiz

I do want to say that every little piece of advice you gave, I've been using to my advantage to supplement my growth as a professional trader in the Forex markets. Even though you get paid, the fact that you chose to fly here and share your amazing knowledge with us is something I truly admire. Your family is blessed to have such a man in their life and I hope to one day imitate the role model that you are to us

Testimony from:
J. Garrett

I just want to thank you again for a great learning experience in the Forex class last week. I really feel like this was a giant step forward for me. I also enjoyed the class and your teaching style. I also appreciate your humility and your sharing your personal story. It was inspirational for me since I am less than 2 years out of bankruptcy and in effect, starting over. Again, thanks for everything and God's blessing and continued future success to you.

Testimony from:
S. Frazier

Thank you very much for the class and for simplifying the process to something that I know I can do. I like the aspect of swing trading and still being able to do my full time job because I don't have the luxury of being able to retire or if I will ever fully retire. I look forward to continuing what you have taught us by accentuating my profits and minimizing my losses. Thank you again for such a great week of trading!

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